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I made Henry a quilt back when he was in a crib, but now that he's in a big-boy bed I owe him a new one. We had a talk about it and he decided he wants dinosaurs.

So in keeping with my theme, I chose a book from my library (one I've never made anything out of). Here it is:

This book is called Easy Quilt Projects: Favorites from the Editors of American Patchwork & Quilting. The pattern I chose is called "In the Meadow." It appears on page 11.

This pattern does indeed look easy, just as promised by the book's title (it's just squares and rectangles, without any borders). And I really need easy right now, after that nightmare-of-triangles chicken quilt.

I had a little bit of a tough time choosing fabric for this one, because I initially went to a fabric store that didn't actually have any dinosaur fabric. But you know, I can't walk out of a fabric store without any fabric, so I bought a bunch of greens thinking I'd find some dino fabric in green, for sure.

And I did, but the line also came in a blue, so then I went back and bought some blues. And then the ladies on the QuiltingBoard suggested adding some oranges and yellows so it wasn't just a lot of cool colors, so I bought more fabric and got rid of some of the other ones I was planning on using. So I bought way too much fabric. But hey, that's what my stash is for right?

Anyway here's my final palette:

 I'm going to cut and sew at least part of it on Friday, state of mind permitting. :)


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