Agitate Manually

I'm almost done with Monica's chicken quilt, which I'll post in another day or two. Really this is just about as close to a disaster as any quilt I've ever made, but I'll vent on that later.

I bought Heirloom Fusible Cotton Batting to use in it, because I thought "Ooo, no pinning." then when I got home I read the care instructions:

OK so I know quilts need special care, but seriously? Who is going to spend the time to "agitate manually" every time they need to wash a quilt? If someone gave me a quilt with those washing instructions, I would put it on a shelf. Occasionally, I would unfold it and look at it, but then I would fold it up again and put it back on the shelf. Quilts were made to be used, and that means they should be washed.

Also, I've never heard of "Orvus."

Also, I can't dry anything flat because my kids will walk all over it. Monica has dogs, so her problem is even greater than mine.

At least one person told me that these washing instructions are CYA, but I think I'll avoid fusible batting in the future (and quite possibly all batting from this particular company, if the washing instructions are similar). I need simplicity in my life. That means cold water, gentle cycle, tumble-dry low. I will even spring for Woolite. But I'm not going to stand over my machine for 15 minutes and "agitate manually." Give me a break.


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