Miss Andrea's Quilt

Dylan's wonderful former kindergarten teacher had a baby on Wednesday, beating her baby gift by five days. Ah! I really did try to get it done on time, but [excuse, excuse, excuse].

Happily, I did finish it and I think it's pretty cute. I based it on this pattern, which I pinned a couple of months ago. One thing comes immediately to mind, and that is that this quilt doesn't fit into my whole "quilting my library" tagline because Pinterest isn't exactly a part of my library. But I needed simple and cute, and digging through that stack of dusty books didn't exactly fit into my idea of "simple," though I'm sure I could have found something cute.

This one will do, though. Here's the finished quilt, which is basically just one very large log cabin block:

OK not completely finished, because I had to Photoshop out a bunch of threads and safety pins. Which brings one more thing to mind, I need to learn how to photograph quilts. This ain't no shot of a beautiful quilt tossed casually over a white wicker chair in someone's beautifully manicured back yard, none of which describes anything about my house. But you get the idea. Those pink polka dots on white are the backing, a really soft minky fabric. Cute and easy!


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