Chicken Quilt

OK, here it is: my chicken quilt. It turned out OK, if you don't look at the back.

The pattern came out of Farm Girl Quiltsand is called "Fields of Red Clover" (page 30). 

Just about everything that can go wrong with a quilt did go wrong with this quilt. First, I have no business messing with triangles. Seriously. I don't know how I managed to get my seams so wrong but after I was done sewing all of the triangles together those little keystone blocks were so much bigger than they were supposed to be that I had to trim them all to make everything fit. Same with the sashings. So this quilt is maybe 10 or 15% smaller than it's supposed to be.

Then, I noticed that some of my seams were coming apart. When I flipped the quilt top over I found loops on the back. How I didn't notice this while I was piecing is beyond me. Amateur. So I had to rip some of the seams out and sew them again.

Then after I sewed the border on I noticed that it wasn't even laying flat. This must be a symptom of the seams being so off, I don't know. So I had to take the borders off and retrim them to make the quilt lay sort of flat.

Then I bought fusible batting. Oh no, never again. It didn't lay flat out of the package and it didn't stick very well, so I ended up with tucks all over the back after I quilted it. Huge, terrible, awful, worst-ever tucks. Some of them I even ripped out so I could redo the quilting, because they were that bad.

But does it pass the "12 feet away from the back of a galloping horse" test? I think so. And I did manage to get a pretty cute photo of it anyway. The question remaining, of course, is if I ought to still give it to Monica given how many problems it has. Maybe I'll just promise to make her another one when, you know, I'm a little better at this. :)


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