I'm making one of these

Henry's quilt top is HUGE. I don't know why I thought I was making a twin sized quilt, it's really more like a full.

Of course that's not huge by most people's standards, but it's huge by the standards of a Brother CS6000i sewing machine, which has a ridiculously short neck. I had trouble doing twin quilts on this machine; I don't know how I'm going to get a full through it.

This is what made me decide that I need some alternate method of basting. I've tried taping quilts to my kitchen floor and pin basting, but the tape never sticks and I just end up frustrated. I've tried spray basting them, but the spray basting never sticks either, and I just end up frustrated. So this time I tried Googling "fool-proof quilt basting" and I found instructions for making a basting frame.

The parts cost me around $45, which is really very cheap when you consider what something like this would cost ready-made. Of course I only got 8 foot boards for mine, because the 10 foot boards were $1 a foot while the 8 foot ones were only $1.30 total. Huge difference, and I figured I wasn't ever going to be using this thing for a king anyway, since I'm having trouble imagining even quilting a full on my little Brother.

So the original plan was to ask my husband to make this thing for me, but let's face it--I can't even get the guy to replace a smoke detector in a timely fashion. So unless I want my boards sitting in the garage gathering dust it looks like it's going to be my project. And I'm about as handy as a two year old, so it should be interesting.
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