Tardis Mittens

A very sad thing happened on Christmas Day. My raggedy man left me.

If you are a certain sort of person, you know who I'm talking about. That's right, I speak of The Doctor, specifically the 11th Doctor, who said goodbye to all of us devotees on Christmas Day.

So let me take this opportunity to let my Geekdom shine: Goodbye Matt Smith, we will miss you.

And in honor of your departure, I've decided to make this:

Yes it's Tardis mittens! Or, rather, Tardis mitten. Also I haven't got around to doing the thumb yet. But you get the idea.

Now, this is really my first try at modifying a knitting pattern and I guess I'll have to confess to not being completely happy with the result. These mittens were based on a Ravely pattern for a pair of Tardis socks, and so it doesn't really fit my hand that well, partly because it is, you know, a sock and partly because I used a sport weight yarn instead of a fingering yarn (the fingering yarn didn't come in Tardis blue).

Here's what it looks like on:

See how there's all that give at the wrist? Don't like that. But I'm not sure if I should do the second one just like it so they will match, or just start over and do two more. I'm pretty sure I could get rid of that give in V2 but I don't know if I want to devote that much time to it. Sigh.

Otherwise pretty cute, yeah?


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