What's in my knitting bag?

One of my favorite craftsy blogs (http://www.luvinthemommyhood.com/) recently posed a question that I felt compelled to answer:

What's in your knitting bag?

Hmm, good question. I haven't looked in there in a couple of months. So I dumped it out and here's what I found. (I was going to take a photo, but read on and you'll know why.)

  • One case for interchangable knitting needles
  • A piece of cardboard shaped like my foot (for making socks)
  • A case containing three sets of circular needles
  • A pattern book for making bags
  • One finished knitted bag
  • One unfinished knitted bag and 7 small balls of yarn to go with it
  • One skein of green yarn
  • One "knit-chek"
  • One set of #7 double pointed needles
  • A reusable grocery bag
  • Half a set of #10 double pointed needles
  • One blue colored pencil
  • One #10 straight needle (where the heck is the other one?)
  • A tube of Blistex
  • Two M&Ms
  • One skittle (I'm pretty sure my kids were responsible for the candy, because I would never willfully leave uneaten chocolate anywhere, least of all my knitting bag)
  • One black gel pen
  • One purple paint marker
  • A note with a phone number on it
  • One spool of black quilting thread
  • A skein of fun fur
  • One stitch holder
  • Several yarn labels
  • A quilt block template
  • A scrapbooking tag my six year old wrote her name on
  • A small battery powered light
  • A magnet from Real Simple with a bunch of advice about storing produce
  • A small screwdriver
  • A hair tie
  • One piece of pink Lego
Conclusion? I need to clean out my bag.


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