My Old 15

Guess what, I've taken on a new project!

Yes, that's right. Because I have so much extra time in my life for all this stuff, haha.

Anyway I was at my neighbor's place last week when he opened his garage to reveal this gorgeous albeit neglected thing sitting there all covered with dust:

"Wow!" I said. "That is a cool old sewing machine!"

"Actually I've been looking for a new home for it," he said. "You want it?"

Heck yeah I wanted it. And now it's sitting in my garage, just waiting for me to start work restoring it. Except of course I really have no idea how. My dream, though, is to fix it up and use it to make a quilt to give to my wonderful neighbor in thanks for such an awesome gift.

With the help of some of the great people on the QuiltingBoard, I was finally able to identify this machine as an early model 15, manufactured in Germany. Sadly that's about all the info I can get about it, because the factory in Germany (and all its records) were destroyed by the Russian army during World War II. So cool as this machine is, I'm afraid many of its details will remain a mystery.

Do you know how to restore an old sewing machine? I'd love some tips!


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