I'm here ... really!

Ah, I know. I am in danger of becoming one of those blogs where the entries get further and further apart, and each time the blogger pops in and makes excuses about how busy she's been, and swears she will post more, and then she eventually disappears altogether. I am still over on my other blog regularly (Travel by Stove) and if you're in the Grass Valley area I have another fun blog called GVFamilyFun. So I swear I'm not totally absent, I've just been neglecting this poor blog though I have actually been doing some crafting.

Here are my works in progress:

Henry's dinosaur quilt is almost finished. I just have to sew on the binding and patch a seam-ripper-inflicted hole.

I waited for several months for my husband to make me a quilt frame, and then I threw up my hands and made one myself. It's smaller than the one on the website, which is fine because my living room is barely big enough for it as it is, and I doubt I'll ever be trying to quilt a king-sized quilt on my little Brother sewing machine. I did baste one quilt on it, which I made from a pattern in this book:

But the jury is still out whether it's going to solve my tuck problems.

Speaking of that quilt, I'm trying to FMQ it and it looks hideous. :(

I am also crocheting something (imagine that!) I really need a nice sun hat and a few years ago I saw one at a little shop in Lake Tahoe that I still regret not buying. It was crocheted and it was really cute. I don't think this one is going to be even remotely as cute, but I had to try. Here's the pattern.

And I'm still working on a scarf from this book:

But that one is going to take months. Because, let's face it, it's 100 degrees outside. Plus I only ever work on it while I'm at Natalie's swim lesson. I guess I'm about halfway finished.

What are you working on? Send links!


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