Ten spare minutes is all I have

Because, I really needed another blog.

No, actually it's because I need some motivation. You see, a couple of years ago a vague remark made by my friend Monica convinced me that I should take up quilting. And a few years before that, another less-vague remark that Monica made convinced me that I should take up knitting. And before that I was a scrapbooker, and the only reason I have time for that is because of, um, Monica (who has workshops) and before that I was a photographer, which believe it or not has nothing to do with Monica. And other than four hours a week on a Tuesday I don't really have time for any of it.

But that didn't stop me from buying books on the subject(s), because that's what I do. I buy a ton of books and then they sit there on the shelf and I never use them, and I end up with a fabulous collection of quilting/knitting/scrapbooking/photography books that are covered with dust.

So that's why I called this blog "Ten Spare Minutes," because I'm lucky if I can can find that in any given day. And what I'd really like to do is make use of all those books. So, I am setting forth with the goal of completing one project from every one of my books, which believe me is no small task. Plus whatever else I get inspired to do, damn you Pinterest.

Travel by Stove (my other blog) keeps me really busy, because the meals I make for it are pretty involved and complicated, which makes for long, involved and complicated blog entries. So these posts are going to be short. Because the goal is to get me crafting, and long blog posts are only going to get in the way.


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